Tallahassee College Helper 

Pricing varies by size of document. Send an email for any requests. Standard prcing soon to come.  
.prospective students 

Need information regarding admissions, college placement tests, tuition, financing, or any other questions? No charge for basic information. 
.study services

$10 an hour. Please be sure to schedule. May be fees for late schedule cancelations. 


 As a current college student I know how much work is needed to succeed. Through this site I can assist students and prospective students struggling to succeed. I mainly provide services in Math, History, and Spanish courses. I can also assist you with Medical and Science courses as well! Please be aware this is not a way to "cheat" through school. Anyone who needs assistance with select classes, alittle help studying, need to have papers typed, or general information to get into school please don't hesitate to contact me. Thank you for trusting in me to help you get that "A"!

                                            This Months Special

Beginning May 1, 2010 through June 1, 2010: Everyone who joins the email list will recieve 30 MINUTES of free study assistance!!!